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To end of camino

Vila Nova da Barquinha






The bar is along the camino at the far end of town.

The Road

Keep on straight through town, following the road. It will veer to the right and begin a short climb to the church.

Keep on straight again beyond the church along the N110 but keep an eye open for where the camino departs from the road along a track through the forests on your right.

City Map
Accommodation in Atalaia


All Caminos App User (not verified)

Stayed in Casa das Memórias in Moita do Norte, on the Camino route two km before Atalaia. The house has four private rooms. Great hosts, all kinds of food available for purchase and otherwise supermarket is not far.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

I second the comment from Sept 28 2019 about the cafe on the right. We stopped in a few days ago in the way to Tomar. Very friendly and helpful gentleman. Had some good coffee, pastries and we bought a few rolls for the road. Stamped our credentials. Also a good seating area. The location is just past R. Sao-Luis road on the right.

Camino de Sant…

There is a ATM on the right side of that building In the picture

Camino de Sant…

At the beginning of town on the corner of R. Sao-Luis a small cafe on your right.
Good coffee and he can stamp your credential.