To end of camino

There are more than 25 museums in Valencia. Of course any one have his own preferences, but I suggest the following ones:

  • Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda. From the XV century the silk was very important in Valencia
  • Museo Nacional de la Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias, in a 'Palacio barroco'
  • Museo de la Ciencia, and at its side the Oceanografic
  • Museo Histórico Militar de Valencia
  • l'IBER, Museo de los Soldaditos de Plomo (private fundation, owns 90.000 tin soldiers)
  • Casa Museo Benlliure (family of artists of the XX Century)
  • Museu Faller, about our 'Fallas'
  • Museo de Bellas Artes San Pio V (includes a nice collection of altarpieces)
  • La Beneficiencia, various sections, including etnografia, arqueology etc...)
  • La Almoina, behind the cathedral, ruins of Roman and Moorish Valencia)
  • Museo del Corpus, Casa de las Rocas

"In Valencia it's damned stupendous at the beach or in the city to eat a melon washed down with a real cold jug of beer" -Ernest Hemingway

The Road

Day 1: Valencia to Silla

The 'official' first stage of the Levante is from Valencia to Algemesí, and is 38 km. That's a tad too long for us, so we looked at the various intermediate places, and Silla happens to be just 15 km after Valencia, just right!

Looking at satellite imagery, the walk is all on roads, going through Alfafar and its 14th century church, Massanassa, and Catarroja. After Catarroja there a stretch through an industrial area, until we get to Silla.

We have a choice of three places to sleep tonight: Pensión Puerto, Hostal Moreno, and Hostal Luci Mar. The first two are close to the Camino. Silla is on two Cercania train lines, lineas C1 and C2, so one could also take a train back to Valencia at the end of the day. Which is what @peregrina2000 did in 2013.

Tonight, as we eat our evening meal (there seems to be a few restaurants around), we're going to chat about tomorrow's walk. It's 23 km to Algemesí.


I remember that someone somewhere wrote about skipping the walk to Silla to avoid the industrial slog. That is really not an accurate description — there is a short stint through what they call the “parque industrial” or “polígono industrial”, but it is not like walking past power plants and chemical factories. It is mostly what they call ”naves” — those big storage depots. It is true that the stage is all on asphalt and built up, but the little suburban towns it goes through are very pleasant and give you a good glimpse of normal Spanish daily life.

And if someone is itching to walk more than Silla’s 15, but not go all the way to Algemesí at 38, there are two plaes to stay in Almussafes (25 km).

→ 6.7km.
To end of camino
→ 2.2km.
To end of camino
→ 1.6km.
To end of camino
→ 5.6km.
To end of camino

Silla is on two Cercania train lines, lineas C1 and C2, so one could also take a train back to Valencia at the end of the day.

Moorish tower, no visit.

The Road

Leaving Silla, we walk through fields, albeit on a country road until we arrive at Almussafes. The profile of this stage is fairly flat. The walk after Benifaió is again through farm land.

→ 10.5km.
To end of camino

Moorish tower.

→ 1.8km.
To end of camino

Two Moorish towers, one in the center, visit on request at the Ayuntamiento, more interesting if guided

→ 11.4km.
To end of camino

The Museu Valenica de la Festa. It is housed in the building of a Dominican Friars convent which was restored in 1993. The museum is worth a visit, to learn about Algemesí’s famous fiestas in September, the Muixeranga, which involve building human towers.

It's at the Museum that you'll retrieve the keys to the Albergue Municipal, which is opposite the museum or in the police station when the museum is closed. It's the only accommodation option in Algemesí, with 2 single beds and 3 bunk beds, and a kitchen. I believe the kitchen is fully equipped, and that a washing machine is available. There are a few supermarkets around, so we can get what we need for our evening meal. I am told that it is wise to always have the key to the Albergue with you, as the front doors are automatic, and you could be locked out without them.

→ 6.8km.
To end of camino
→ 4.1km.
To end of camino
→ 6.8km.
To end of camino
→ 4.9km.
To end of camino
→ 3.5km.
To end of camino
→ 7.3km.
To end of camino

Important castle, visit

→ 2.9km.
To end of camino
Accommodation in Novetlè
→ 2.0km.
To end of camino
→ 1.0km.
To end of camino
→ 1.8km.
To end of camino

Tower of the Borgia family, visit on special days.

→ 13.9km.
To end of camino

ruins of castle, up the mountain

→ 6.7km.
To end of camino
→ 17.0km.
To end of camino

Remember that from La Font de la Figuera  to Almansa  there are 27 km and no intermediate places.