Villar de Farfón

Via de la Plata

Camino Sanabrés

To end of camino

Embalse de Agavanzal


Villar de Farfón


Rionegro del Puente

Coffee and tea and conversation at the Albergue on the far end of town (follow the signs).

The Road

The camino returns to a rural trail until it reaches the Río Negro, just short of reaching the N-525. It crosses the river on a small pedestrian bridge and then crosses under the N-525 to enter Rionegro.

City Map
Accommodation in Villar de Farfón


Camino de Sant…

The VDLP has some very long stages with a long walk between refreshments. Craig and his partner run a super cute stop for coffee and food, and it arrives in the middle of nowhere just when needed. A touch of Missionary zeal adds to the experience.

Camino de Sant…

What a delight to stop at Craig and his partners wonderful creative albergue.Coffe, amazing bocadillios and chat. What a lovely opportunity to recharge and get ready for the next 6 kms to Ripnegro del Puente.