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Islares is stretched out along the coast and held in place by the road and mountain to the south. The Iglesia de San Martín and is one of the first buildings you come to.


When leaving Islares exercise caution along the N-634. There is no dedicated place for pedestrians along this stretch.

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The short route (along the road) from Orton to Castro U is fine. Very little traffic and nice views.
In Islares, Hotel Arenillas has apparently famous menu del dia with huge quantities for 17€.

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As of June 2023 the old municipal alburgue in Islares has been reopened as a private alburgue and renamed the Islares Hostel. I just stayed there and loved it. Very clean, efficient and good value. You can book in advance and they speak English.

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We walked from Islares to El Ponterron along the road. It was not as scary or dangerous as we thought it might be. I am not sure if the route has changed a bit, but there was a bit of a path for walkers the whole way and most of the way there were guardrails between you and the road. We even passed two different local couples walking alongside the road. It was a Monday so perhaps traffic was light. It wasn't the nicest walk, by any means, but not as scary or as dangerous as we were expecting

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Rastro at playa de Oriñon (street market that takes place in sundays) with clothes and food. Lots of bread, chease and fruit. Beautiful beach and good longboarding waves are low tide

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After Islares you will have to walk along the highway which is very dangerous,the road just too narrow in my opinion.

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There is great accommodation for pilgrims in the camp site in Islares.

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The shortcut on this app once you pass Islares is an extreme route that is quite dangerous. It is an extremely difficult route than should come with warnings. The yellow arrows actually turn into black arrows. This section should only be done by expert hikers only!!!!! I did this section last year and it should NEVER have been listed as a viable camino route. A rescue occurred yesterday of a 31 year old Ametican pilgrim. I have completed the Northern route twice and this is not a good option for the average pilgrim. This should be definetly be removed from the app. It is dangerous!

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The camp ground offers great pilgrim accommodation - €12 for everything you could need and great location.