Alto de San Antón

Camino de San Salvador

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Alto de San Antón


San Martin de la Tercia

This alto marks the high point of this day's climbing. On the way down it is easy to get confused and head towards Rodiezmo. Just past the third rocky outcropping, the path continues straight on to Rodiezmo. The camino itself turns Left. The last section of the camino into Poladura is a treacherous slog. San Martín is the village just before and there are several easily recognizable paths to get you there. The road between the two cities is short with little traffic.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

The way from the Alto is the only track I saw. It’s on an old road bed and clearly marked. The left turn is at the second concrete building on the left. Both buildings have directional arrows. Once you are on the gravel road from San Martin, look for concrete buildings on your right for the trampled grass and Camino sign that leads to Poladura. On a clear day this is a glorious walk!