Paseo Fluvia Alternate Route

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Paseo Fluvia Alternate Route

Though not marked with yellow arrows, this river walk is easy to follow and is used by locals out on a walk. It follows both sides of the river but since you will need to exit to the east it is best to stick to the right bank.

The route requires a road crossing (the river runs under the road) near the Ford factory but the river path resumes once on the other side. 

From the Ford factory the river walk passes under 5 bridges, and after the 5th one, it becomes a boardwalk for a short distance. At the 6th crossing (all overhead) it is time to turn right and away from the river. With the river behind you walk straight towards the main road and the center of the old town on the opposite side. 

What this route lacks in signage it makes up for in scenery (and lack of industry).

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Camino de Sant…

WARNING I strongly recommend NOT to walk the last 500 metres of Paseo Fluvial! Not maintained nor safe. Climbing needed to get out of the area. Otherwise nice alternate route but get off in time or turn back when it gets unaccesible!