Camino Primitivo

→ 4.40 → La Mesa → 2.30km → Buspol

To end of camino

The new albergue in La Mesa also has a bar and restaurant, a welcome addition to this convenient stopping point.

The Road

Pay close attention to the arrows when leaving town, there are 4 roads not including the one you walked into town on. The camino follows the road steeply uphill all the way to Buspol.

Accommodation in La Mesa


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

In La Mesa there is only the Albergue Miguelín (which was too me as nice as the other comments suggests). The other one closed in March 2020. As there is a lot of pilgrims on this stretch it might make sense to reserve a place of you decided to go through Hospitales.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

If you feel the need to fuel for the downhill tramp to the dam the Albergue Miguelin is perfect. Friendly, with clean servicios, and pastries and bocadillos to take away. Lots of outside tables too. The next place to get a refreshment is the hotel overlooking the reservoir, after the descent to the dam.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The municipal albergue is closed.


was pleasantly surprised by this albergue tucked away in this beautiful little valley. Everything is modern, clean, superb service, with restaurant and bar downstairs. A wonderful place to stay the night.


Lovely Albergue but the rooms are a little large so snoring can be a problem. Better to use the municipal Albergue 30m across the road. Food was good and plentiful but limited in choice and breakfast was totally disorganised.