Camino Frances

Eirexe [Airexe] → 2.00 → Portos → 0.50km → Lestedo

To end of camino

You will pass through A Prebisa and Lameiros, no services.

Accommodation in Portos
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Albergue A Paso de Formiga


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Room and shower nice and dinner too. Unfortuneatly the owner was drinking heavely and at night he started acing all crazy: Shouting, screaming, smashing things inside and outside. We were all awake and didn’t know what to do. We were not even able to call the police as there were no service.


This is s small elbergue with restaurant with fantastic service. Single beds. Only 3 in a room. Nice clean and great service.


Stayed here late September 2021. Super friendly and accommodating hosts, spotless facility.


Nice bar to stop for a snack.


Loved staying at this off-stage albergue. Clean with a smaller room of 7 beds. Even had essential oils, fancy soap, and WINDOW SCREENS!! Rustic style decorations, indoor-outdoor restaurant with a la carte and menú. Lovely garden for washing which was sunny all afternoon and chairs for relaxing with a beer and pinchos in the afternoon. Also, the hosts were so lovely and didn’t rush you to pay, just showed you around and told you to relax and check-in when ready. If you pay by card they allowed you to put everything on one tab to run the card once. Loved my stay there!!


Just 5k short of Palas de Rei. Beautiful patio setting with lots of grass surrounding the place! Very clean Albergue with sheets and pillow cases for the beds. The bar/restaurant has a great selection and stays open late. Breakfast starts at 0630. Washer/dryer and area to wash clothes. There is a room with bunk beds and another room with 3 beds and private bathroom/shower. Love this place!


A super place to stay with a more personal touch. This is a small Albergue with a good menu that exceeds that which is available in the larger towns. Great shower and peacefull sleeping space. Love the Man eating Alien Ants too.