Camino Frances

A Balsa → 5.00 → Montán → 1.00km → Fontearcuda

To end of camino
The Road

You will not enter the village of Montán, but rather pass along the edge. While there is no fixed bar, there is a small picnic area with an on-again-off-again vending machine.

You will pass through Fontearcuda and Furela, no services.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Such great vibes at the donativo at the end of town. Tons of fruit and snacks, and great coffee!! They have lots of comfy couches, a few guitar and other instruments, and even a yoga space to stretch out. Talk to the volunteers, they’re all amazing!


is a lovely place, run by Simon who makes good cofee for you, if you want, and is really lovely to talk with. We had a beautiful time there.


There is a beautiful spot to welcome pilgrims when you pass through, with donation fruit and cookies, and Simon will welcome you with café and a warm hug. Such a special place.


The pilgrim rest spot oasis. Is a wonderful refuge. Stop don’t hurry by. A very special place


Stop for a great coffee at the donativo. Very special place.


Lovely donativo home and café run by Simon from Australia. Hugs, music, heaps of food. Awesome spot. Coffee made by volunteers.


Don’t miss the little donation rest spot. Great little earthy friendly place with great food and cafe. super nice voluntary helpers.