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The spring that gives this arroyo (creek) its name, also cures your feet. The operations of the albergue here were passed to a nearby municipality, who electrified and modernized this former hippy hideaway. 

The small deviation from the camino that takes you there is worth the shade and rejuvenating spring it provides.

The Road

Do not let the endless expanses of wheat worry you. Hontanas remains out of site until you are quite close, it is hiding in a small depression in an otherwise flat landscape.

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Accommodation in Arroyo San Bol
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Albergue Arroyo de San Bol


Camino de Sant…

A wonderful afternoon, and a tasty meal prepared by Lourdes, our friendly host.

Clean and simple, with a pins that apparently has healing properties. Worth a try on those sire Camino feet!

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It is so peaceful and quiet. The beds have been the comfiest yet. The dinner is delicious!

Camino de Sant…

As nervous as I was about booking here it was fantastic. It was super hot out so the “pool” to soak my feet and legs in was welcome. Pilgrim meal was very good and incredible hosts. Danced on the deck with them! Place was spotless and sold out, prebook! . I would highly recommend and stay without a doubt again but just a few things to keep in mind- Only 1 bathroom that has toilet, shower and only sink. So you need to be very courteous and fast in and out. Absolutely no other privacy. If raining/cold out I imagine a different experience as super small and no real sitting area except dinner table. Also insure you are aware of bag transfer. I sent my bag forward fine to san bol but NO pick up the next day i found out when i arrived only!? The host graciously took my bag to a place that night when he left as they do not stay at night that would transfer my bag the next day. This meant i had to carry a few more things the next day i normally would transfer in the morning with a sore ankle(sleeping bag and toiletries) Was no problem but could be for some so just awareness. Met some of my new camino family here so a highlight of my journey.

Camino de Sant…

16 years ago I was here also; a filthy hippy-place with running mouses and a dark spiritual atmosphere. What a complete difference and great makeover I saw 16oct.! Nice friendly couple running the place during the weekend. I was very much tempted to stay, but it was far too early to do so... Highly recommended!

Camino de Sant…

Our chef Saname also sang for us !!! Will never forget !!!! Shower horrible only one toilet all this don’t matterbecause of the chef meal and music

Camino de Sant…

10 euros to sleep 10 euros for communal meal. No hospilatero at night

Camino de Sant…

Instead of marching head down to reach somewhere, make this short detour.
The spring and pool is clean and cool
Shady, grassy and welcoming