Camino Frances

Camino del Norte

Camino Primitivo

Brea → 1.60 → Empalme → 1.00km → Santa Irene

To end of camino
Several roadside bars that cater to trucker and pilgrim alike.

CAUTION crossing the road, dangerous intersection. 

The Road

The camino crosses the main road at the highest point in the road, there is no marked crosswalk and the arrows on the other side of the road are often obscured by parked cars. You may see pilgrims continuing along the road but are advised against following them as the camino returns to the trail when you turn off the road.

Half way down the hill it splits and arrows indicate that you should either turn left to go under the road or continue straight. Unless you have reason to visit Santa Irene you can keep on straight and avoid the hassle of crossing back over the road. If you continue straight you will arrive at the important part of Santa Irene (the part with the bar).

Accommodation in Empalme


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

Very clean and organized. Great food in the restaurant. A bit noisy at night until the bar shuts down but other than that a good place to stay before last big push to SdeC.


It's a great place to rest. There's a bathroom and a nice bartender. Definitely stop here. Lots of locals too so it's not just a pilgrim place.


Stayed here and had a fabulous steak dinner. There are 3 showers and only 3guests tonight!? We found it a great surprise. This stop gets overlooked. The bar and kitchen staff were awesome. Great laundry room and very clean.


Eat here for one of the best menus ever, reasonably priced, but don’t stay. One bathroom for over twenty beds. If someone is in the only shower you can’t go to the only toilet. Hard to see how this received planning permission!