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São Caetano


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São Caetano isn’t much of a town at all. There are a small park and an excellent albergue, but not much more.

The albergue is on the right, opposite the small school building.

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Accommodation in São Caetano
Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Albergue Casa São Caetano


Camino de Sant…

There are some services here, their is a public toilet, very clean and well maintained. A little well shaded park and drinking fountain. So if you have stocked up on supplies at the previous town this is a good spot for a picnic.

Camino de Sant…

The albergue was amazing. The facility’s were great with a lovely back garden area and patio where we could relax. They also had a pink pong table that was great fun. The family was lovely and we had dinner with them. The family also has 3 very friendly dogs that are lovely . There is not much else in this town but the small shack opposite the alburgue and beside the small museum does sell beer and cold soft drinks and it was lovely to sit out there in evening and attempt to talk to the other locals. Would definitely recommend staying in this delightful albergue. We had a private room, dinner, breakfast and great hospitality for €35 each.

Camino de Sant…

the albergue is open and the running family is lovely and wonderful!