Quinta da Cardiga

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São Caetano


Quinta da Cardiga


Vila Nova da Barquinha

The Quinta is an abandoned palace that has been boarded up and left to be. Apart from the usual graffiti, it has gone untouched. With zero inhabitants this is an excellent spot to rest in the shade or explore a bit.

The Road

Leave town by passing over the bridge and turning left. The path with take you all the way to Vila Nova da Barquinha, passing the small hamlet of Pedregoso along the way.

City Map


Camino de Sant…

Probably unnecessarily, but as a solo female pilgrim, I was surprised by this abandoned town and walked extra fast through it.

Camino de Sant…

My wife’s favorite place on the Camino! For some reason it spoke to her. Actually quite amazing walking by it on a rainy afternoon.
A treasure waiting to be re-woken from many years of slumber.