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Freguesia de Alviobeira




Portela de Vila Verde

The Road

The camino takes you mostly around Ceras, and as you approach the town, it will be on your right-hand side.

At the first T-intersection turn right (towards the main road) but left again on the first street. The idea here is to keep off the main road as much as possible and in 100m on you will have to turn right towards the road again.

Turn left onto the IC3 and follow it for 250m, at which point the camino leaves the road via a path on the right.

Once on that path, you will turn left to cross a stream and then turn right again, and at the next intersection turn right again to take you past a ranch; at this point, you will be walking away from the IC3 and back into the forest along a dirt path.

NOTE: The next intersection is poorly marked. 1.2km from the ranch the trail you want turns left at a fork and up to the ridge but is poorly indicated. If you get to a 4-way junction, you have gone too far. Fact: this is the eastern most point of the Camino.

Turn left up that trail and you will eventually pass through Portela de Vila Verde.

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I chose the easier one (the left one), it was pretty steep at the start then became quite easy to walk after a while. Just gradual slope, saw some local people without heavy backpack like me passing me to exercise and workout, overall pretty nice and chill walk for me.

Camino de Sant…

When you leave Ceras you eventually enter a wooded area, and then come across a split in the trail. There is a sign that says go left to go to Portela de Vila Verde or go right to go to Areias (if I remember correctly these were the destinations). The Wise Pilgrim map shows continuing to the right, but then has you cut straight up in elevation later (can look at the offline topo map version). The road takes you past some sort of park area and eventually brings you to an unmarked path that cuts up into the woods on you left. This path ended up being pretty steep, and parts of it were walking through overgrown weeds and wildflowers. This way basically was a tough workout and a horrible way to go. This route is also longer in distance overall compared to the one if you went left at the intersection. We had been walking with some people earlier, and ended up ahead of them out of Ceras. We took the route to the right, they went to the left, and they ended up in Alvaiazere maybe 60 mins before we did. They said going to the left was steep at first, but no problems like we described. And it was a shorter distance. I hope this makes sense and that people can avoid this difficult area.