Camino Portugues

→ 1.10 → Balugães → 4.40km → Lugar do Corgo

To end of camino
Bar, off camino

The camino crosses through the hillside town along the least straight path possible.

The Road

At the far end of town, where there is a small fountain set in a wall, the camino indicates a left turn. Go that way to visit the Romanesque church, or turn right and save yourself the not-strictly-necessary climb and detour.

The camino follows along the paved road until the road turns right to return to the national road; at which point the camino keeps on straight and into the forest. The forest track emerges to a small cluster of homes where you turn right and cross the national road.

Follow the narrow road to Lugar do Corgo and beyond.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

I stayed there a few days ago, and it is a really nice place. The host was very helpfull and guided me to a take-away close by, where I could buy food.

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

I wanted to eat in Balugães but the Camino did not seem to pass any cafes or restaurants. Perhaps I missed a sign but if there was one it surely must not have been obvious. I got to the end of town and then googled places to eat and had to walk back quite a bit before finding a place (cafe/restaurante Altamira)


Excellent stop but not a lot of places to eat. We are at a gas station down the road. The food was very good.