Caminho Nascente

Nossa Senhora de Machede → 10.10 → São Miguel de Machede → 12.20km → Azaruja

To end of camino

For a true camino experience, call Dona Joana in advance on +351 961 687 306 and arrange to stay with her in São Miguel de Machede. Joana has set up what can only be described as a remarkable pilgrim annex in her backyard as a donativo. The room has a double bed and two bunk beds with an attached bathroom. Pilgrims can also cook meals in her basic outdoor kitchen, a handy option as there aren’t many places for eating out.

The Road

During the first part of the next stage between São Miguel de Machede and Azaruja, there is a gate that is often closed. Joana will make a big deal of it and try to arrange for the gate to be opened, but if you have to climb it, it’s not that hard.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The shed of Joana is not really recommendable in winter time. It is humid and cold, even with a small heater. The outdoor kitchen is not an option in winter, one can not cook. Try to arrange a meal in cafe Verandas.
There is a taxi ( number in the small office next tintje church) in case of need. 00 351 966 939 168

Camino de Sant… (not verified)

The signs of the camino are very clear!
If it has been raining the path is sometimes muddy, but possible to do.