Hotel Palacio de Meras ⭑⭑⭑⭑


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Pío Cuervo, 3
33870 Asturias

+34 985 900 111
Private Rooms
Double room
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Camino de Sant…

It’s ok here, clean, good beds etc but no windows so very like a cellar

Camino de Sant…

It was the only ensuite room available in Tineo for €95. Very nice rooms but 1st floor looks over the restaurant which the noise carries and is open after midnight.
The auberge on the ground floor is fantastic

Camino de Sant…

The hotel was very clean and comfortable. 50 Euro was cheap for the comfort. Don’t bother with the buffet breakfast.

Camino de Sant…

After a terrible night in Dakar pension in La Espina, we booked a 76 EUR room directly. Worth every cent compared to other private accommodation along the way.