Description and Notice

NOT located in Grado, but easily reachable by taxi from Grado or on foot before arriving to Grado.

Contact Info

Sestiello, 1
33820 Asturias

+34 985 753 566



Charming quiet hotel. Nice breakfast. Only caveat is that is out of the way to get there. Once you cross the bridge at Peńaflor do not follow the shell signs but instead follow the National road. The trick is, once you get to a roundabout for the highway, there are signs to Sestiello. Just be careful with the traffic.
The next day just go back the same way but follow a rural road at the roundabout, and then at the gas station turn left. That road will merge with the Camino after about 2 km


It’s ~1.5km off the route to Grado but boy it is a worthy detour. The hotel itself is very small and beautiful beyond words. Restaurant hasn’t been open yet so the host was kind enough to make us a dinner. Breakfast included. Views from the hotel and from restaurant are marvelous - well worth the money.