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Flórez Estrada, 29
33820 Asturias

+34 985 751 127
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Camino de Sant… (not verified)

it was 25 euro and was a fine room. I also had a menu. The owner is a kind elderly man


Nice helpful owner. Room good for a 2 star hotel. Good evening meal. Great price at only €20 for own room. Lots of pilgrims stay here which made for a nice atmosphere.


Very good place. Nice beds and Nice food.


Very worth the money. 15€ per person. Single rooms were booked, but it is possible to get multiple people in a room for the same cost. Simple breakfast for 2€ offered. A nice way to have some peace and quiet on the Camino.


I stayed here in 2018 with two camino buddies and had a good experience. I stayed here on 23 June 2021 And really had a horrible experience. Because Im travelling alone, the owner required me to pay for a double room ie :0 Euro for a single person.
There is no heat in the room and it’s really cold. The Wi-Fi does not work upstairs.
I was Charged €10 for the menu of the day dinner. I explained very carefully that I do not eat fish. The first course was paella with prawns. The second course was a mix salad which was smothered in tuna. Owner asked me if I would like to watch it with my dinner and was visibly what about when I asked for wine.
I understand they’ve had a bad year with the plague and so on but still this is horrible service