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Donativo albergue that lives up to its name.

Stage with instruments that pilgrims can use: drums, guitars,  bass guitar, Jumbe, keaboards...
Yoga room.
Community Vegan dinner
Everything is 100% Donativo (= free-will donation)

15-January - 15-December
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El Pozo, 11
24718 León

+33 658 262 257
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David is a special person. Come with an open mind, and you will be surprised. Not only is the place incredibly unique and well-kept, but also you'll be surrounded by some beautiful plants in the garden, fruit trees and will be greeted with a warm welcome. You can be sure to be whoever you are. David will know how to value you and cooks super tasty meals. Everything is on a donation basis, which means you should give as most as you can to keep this magical place going.

Camino de Sant…

Very unique place. So not for everyone.

Camino de Sant…

La Boheme is one of my two favourite places I stayed on the Camino. David was very welcoming, even though we arrived early, and we were soon relaxing in his garden. We had a great Vegan cous cous for dinner (I'm not Vegan) it was a very delicious meal. There were Vegan options in his well stocked fridge, available to all guests. David put all of the guests clothes through the washing machine after we had showered. We also enjoyed some good music from other guests. Breakfast was laid out for us on the kitchen table on a help yourself basis. Definitely worth a stay.

Camino de Sant…

David bought this dilapidated property about ten years ago (look, I'd had a vino tinto or two, so don't quote me). In that time he's lovingly restored original features, added loads of personality and cultivated a cute kitchen garden.

This donativo albergue feels like a home, because it is one. It's cosy, warm, and if there's something you want or need, it's yours. Everything is simple, but done well.

Make sure you read all the signage, because David hates repeating himself.

NOTE: this donativo is closed Saturday and Sunday because everyone needs a weekend, right?! 💕

Camino de Sant…

If you want a different and funky donativo this is your place. Could only exist on El Camino. The host is volatile, intense, and generous. He will wash your clothes and fix a dinner different from the usual pilgrim fare. He will also cuss at you if annoyed. Not the cleanest place I’ve stayed but acceptable. It is interesting everywhere you look.

Camino de Sant…

Where to begin? Go for the patio, the fridge full of drinks, the stage full of instruments, the spacious shower, and the meticulously labeled amenities. Stay for the intense and unpredictable host, who will ensure you never quite know what is going to happen next. Remarkable in literally every way. A truly unforgettable evening, and a story that will only ever be fully undersrood by the others who shared it with you.

Camino de Sant…

Total rustic charm. The host is amazing. He cooks, he washes your clothes, and he has a refrigerator filled with wine, beer, and juices for his guest. He means it when he says his house is your house. Overall this village does not seem friendly— this albergue will change your opinion.