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Plaza del Castillo, 1
31001 Navarra

+34 948 223 000
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Double room
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We could not find any other hotels that had a vacancy, and we didn't get into town until late. This is a very very nice hotel. We learned that Hemingway used to stay in room 201. We can be pilgrims again tomorrow.

Camino de Sant…

While it is an extravagance to stay here, it is so superb, it’s worth it. If you’re celebrating a big birthday or something, consider a few family members gifting a night here to you. The sense of relaxation on arrival is an experience in itself after all the work to get here. And the room delivers fully in that sense of relaxation. I feel I’m ‘off Camino’ for the evening, which maybe isn’t in the true spirit, but my body is really benefiting.