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Camino de Sant…

Best dinner since we started at SJPP. And a fair price .

Camino de Sant…

The most beautiful place we have stayed yet that seemed to BREATHE its history. Super clean and comfortable, great location, friendly and helpful staff, so much to see inside the pension. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Camino de Sant…

Posted by Pilgrim Joachim about his Thanksgiving meal at El Figon del Duque at the Posada: “Ok so I thought I was going to have a sad Thanksgiving with nothing but bar food which to be honest I am sick of eating. All the restaurants were closed. So I came back to my hotel and noticed the lights on in the restaurant. So I went down but when I open the door the chef said he was closed. As turned to leave he says do you want me to cook for you. Well of course I am starving I said. I had the whole restaurant to myself and he cooked me some of the best food I have ever eaten. He and his girl friend were so nice. I had fantastic food and great conversation. Thanks to Wil, this is a Thanksgiving to remember. My Thanksgiving meal. Unbelievably good. Pink tomato and fresh cheese with basil pesto. A T bone with roasted peppers served with 3 kinds of salt. Smoked, regular and wine salt. Each one gave a different flavor. Fantastic. Oh there was also cheese and ham, along with cheese and beef tenderloin croquettes. Best meal I have had in Spain so far.
So if you walk into Navarrete and would love to have a fantastic meal for not a bad price check out
El Figon del Duque. It is in the hotel Posada Ignatius. Which is very nice also. I am staying there. Just an aside St Ignatius lived in this building before he found the Jesuits.”
The dinner cost him 68 euro.