Hostal Rural Casa de los Somoza ★★


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O Coto
15800 A Coruña

+34 981 507 372
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The staff and restaurant server are so helpful and welcoming. It's very clean and beautiful! I had a private room with a bath. The room was large with a very comfortable bed, TV and walk in shower with hot water. The menu has a lot of options for dinner. When you sit outside there's a beautiful garden. The only down side is the road on the opposite side with cars or trucks driving through all night.

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We just stayed here and it was lovely! The food was fantastic - the best I’ve had on the Camino - the hotel is super charming, clean and comfortable! I highly recommend this place. A previous comment from 2018 on bedbugs is no longer the case. We checked carefully when we arrived to be sure. And now after sleeping here have confirmed, all is good and clean!

Camino de Sant…

This is an excellent place to stay. It is immaculate an at €45 to a single room with a queen bed and private bath, a great price.

Camino de Sant…

BedBugs. BedBugs. BedBugs. This place looked very nice at first glance. We fell asleep at 1030 after walking long. at 1130 woke up with literally hundreds of BedBugs crawling on us. This wasn’t just bites we found the next day. we literally saw hundreds crawling on the bed. Some the size of half a fingernail. They have obviously been there for a significant amount of time. My wife had over 100 bites. We left the hotel at midnight and taxied to a different hotel. On 3 Caminos this was my worst night. This happened July 2018.