Santa Cruz (Geira)

Caminho da Geira e dos Arrieiros

To end of camino



Santa Cruz (Geira)


Terras de Bouro

Santa Cruz contains the first of many Roman milestones on the Geira. Turn left shortly after the milestone and the asphalt ends, giving way to dirt paths interspersed with Roman stones that continue through beautiful forest all the way to Covide.

The Road

About 2.2km after Santa Cruz, there is a fork in the road. The left path is for Terras de Bouro, as indicated by the yellow TB painted on a tree. This is the official track but if you’re not staying overnight in Terras de Bouro, there’s no reason to take it. The right path has less elevation change, follows the Geira (passing Roman milestones) and is way-marked. After 6.5km, it rejoins the Terras de Bouro route.

City Map